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Forest fire is a cooperative board game, where the players - firemen - have to guard all the villages against the fire.

The calm night has been interrupted by the yell of sirens. The forest is on fire! The fire swallows one tree after another; the villages are covered in a hot smoky cloud. The firefighters are setting off. Everybody is a part of the team with their own duties; everybody knows they can rely on one another.

The forest fire spreads and the wind blows it into inaccessible bushes. But meanwhile unbelievable extinguishing equipment is being constructed in the safety of rocks. Will the firefighters succeed in stopping the fire with the help of the equipment?

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Each player can contribute to the victory with his/her special abilities, with using cards of luck and with planning the strategy.

The game consists of six scenarios with various degrees of difficulty. Each scenario can be played many times due to the variable layout of the game board.

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Authors : Tomáš Mrkvička, Jan Hanousek

Illustrator : Karel Kuliš

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